Webcast Recording: Managing volatility in decarbonising markets with AI

The drive for decarbonisation is bringing dramatic changes to regional and global energy generation, distribution, and consumption. New forms of demand, such as the adoption of electric heat pumps and the electrification of transport infrastructure are disrupting how generators and retailers forecast their loads and manage their businesses and revenues. 

In this live webcast, expert speakers will dive into what decarbonisation means for generators and retailers:

  • Trends that will have the biggest impact on demand
  • Disruptions and changes stemming from decarbonisation that may impact your business
  • How data and machine-learning can help you better understand the impact of these advances and manage them in an increasingly volatile market


Krishnan Kasiviswanathan, Chief Operating Officer | Innowatts

Dr. Peter Fox-Penner, Founder and Director | Boston University Institute for Sustainable Energy and Chief Strategy Officer | Energy Impact Partners

Jonathan O’Sullivan, Manager Innovation | EirGrid

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