Solar mini-grids for rural electrification to double within three years

Over 3,000 mini-grids are expected to be built by end-2022 in Africa and Asia, according to a new report, Mini-grids for Village Electrification: Industry and African & Asian markets analysis – 2020 Edition, issued by Infinergia.

Synchronous condensers proving vital to grid resilience

Power from renewable sources tends to be intermittent and variable, creating challenges for grid operators.

The new ecosystem: Where will winners come from in energy future?

By Tim Lieuwen, Executive Director of the Strategic Energy Institute at the Georgia Institute of Technology ....................................................................... The...

HYDROVISION to cover the hottest topics in hydro

What’s a hot topic in the global hydropower industry right now? How climate variability is affecting plant O&M? Check.

World Bank releases O&M handbook for hydropower

The World Bank has released a new publication: Operation and Maintenance Strategies for Hydropower: Handbook for Practitioners and Decision Makers.

Green bonds to finance the global energy transition says IRENA

IRENA has recently published a series of renewable energy finance briefs looking at tools to scale up renewables

Launch of open-source blueprint for nuclear power plant design

Energy Impact Center has launched the OPEN100 project, the world’s first open-source blueprint for the design, construction and financing of nuclear power plants.

Webcast Recording: Getting to grips with smart grid communications

The smart grid – an electric network capable of two way electricity and data flows that can detect, react to changes...

How ‘smart integrated renewables systems’ can drive sustainable economic development in...

Providing access to clean, reliable, and affordable energy is the key to promoting sustainable economic development.

CERAWeek 2020 cancelled due to coronavirus concerns

The coronavirus has claimed another victim this week with the cancellation of CERAWeek 2020 by IHS Markit.

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