Rolls-Royce Trent program on schedule

Rolls-Royce Trent program on schedule

The Rolls-Royce industrial Trent development engine program is continuing on schedule with all results confirming or exceeding design expectations, according to a Rolls-Royce spokesman. The Trent made its inaugural run in September at the test facility in Montreal, Canada. The program is now proving the engine`s operation and controls and commissioning the new test bed`s auxiliary and data acquisition systems.

A comprehensively instrumented engine will be in full power soon. With the initial phase of the program, tests have already demonstrated consistent starting and stable engine control at synchronous and sub-synchronous idle and part power.

A series of tests at outputs of up to 16.5 MW have been completed. The engine management system, hydraulic starting skid and the off-engine oil skid have all been proven and integrated.

“Early indications are that the emissions capability of the dry low emissions combustion system is performing well,” said Jim Roberts, director of the industrial Trent program. “This system, another area significantly different from the aero engine, draws heavily on the industrial RB211 design now in successful commercial service.”

The industrial RB211 has achieved almost 10,000 commercial operating hours with base load NOx emission levels of 25 vppm at 15 percent O2 in the exhaust, and CO levels of 1 to 2 vppm measured and maintained.

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