To meet the future demand for energy, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) predicts the need for 300 GW of new generation over the next 20 years. To meet demand worldwide, the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) projects the need for a new 1,000 MW power plant somewhere in the world every two days between now and the year 2050.

Helping industry members prepare for this challenge, POWER-GEN International 2001 will attract more than 16,000 attendees and 1,100 exhibitors to Las Vegas Dec. 11-13.

The POWER-GEN International 2001 conference and exhibition is set to kick off this morning with presentations from Brian Schimmoller, Managing Editor of Power Engineering Magazine, Texas Congressman Joe Barton (R-Tex), Michael Barnoski, President of ALSTOM, Inc., and Anne M. Cleary, President of Mirant California.

The conference promises to be the largest of its kind in the power engineering field, with an estimated 16,000 attendees, 180 speakers and 1,100-plus exhibitors, organizers said.

The conference couldn’t come at a better time. From the energy shortages in the West and the Northeast to deregulation in various forms across the nation, a tidal wave of change is sweeping the industry.

Power Engineering Magazine’s Managing Editor Brian Schimmoller, who is the conference program committee chair, will present the Welcome Address and the magazine’s Project of the Year Awards for 2001.

The conference’s keynote session includes three heavy-hitters in the industry:

Congressman Joe Barton from Texas. Congressman Barton is the Chairman of the Energy & Air Quality Subcommittee of the House Energy & Commerce Committee. In this position, he is involved in legislation pertaining to energy policy and restructuring of the electricity industry. In light of the terrorist attacks in September, Congressman Barton will provide insight into the role of energy security in the nation’s overall security.

Barton was elected by the 6th District of Texas in 1984. He has also served as Chairman of the House Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations of the Energy and Commerce Committee in the 104th and 105th Congresses, and served as Chairman of the House Commerce Subcommittee on Energy and Power for the 106th Congress. In 1988, Barton was successful from his post on the Energy Committee in passing legislation he sponsored and cosponsored to deregulate the price of natural gas. In 1992, Barton and Congressman Bob Clement (D-Tenn.) passed a key amendment to the National Energy Strategy Bill to cut red tape on nuclear power.

Michael F. Barnoski, President of ALSTOM Inc., will address the rapid changes affecting the power generation equipment market. The ability to meet customer demands reliably, efficiently and cost-effectively while competing in a global market is testing original equipment manufacturers’ business strategies. Barnoski will share his unique perspective, having worked for three decades in the global power generation industry.

Barnoski, who was appointed President August 1, oversees ALSTOM’s Power, Transmission and Distribution and Transportation Sector businesses in the US. Prior to joining ALSTOM, Barnoski served as Senior Vice President, Customer Relations and Sales, for Westinghouse Electric Company.

The keynote session will close with a presentation from Anne Cleary, president of Mirant California, who will describe how her company views the challenges and opportunities in today’s energy markets.

The problems experienced in California during its electricity industry restructuring efforts had repercussions throughout the world. Cleary will discuss how Mirant’s experiences in California have refined its approach to the energy market and what broader lessons can be learned from Mirant’s rapid business growth.

Cleary has oversight of power generation assets with a combined capacity of 3,065 MW. Before being named President in 2000, Cleary served as Vice President of External and Regulatory Affairs for Mirant Americas and was Vice President of North American Business Development. She joined Mirant in 1995.

Fourteen tracks of sessions begin this afternoon at 1:30 p.m. with presentations on California’s deregulation experience, e-business for the power market, site selection, environmental technology and permitting, fossil fuel technologies, wind energy, distributed generation and more.

An exhibit floor reception from POWER-GEN International’s 2001 Diamond Sponsor Keystone Power Group Inc. follows afternoon sessions.

For more information, please read Power Engineering Magazine Associate Editor Steve Blankinship’s article in the November issue, entitled, “Spread the Word: The Power Industry is on a Roll.” This article is located on the Power Engineering web site at .

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