MONTREAL, Canada, Jan. 3, 2001—M3i Systems, Inc. today announced a strategic partnership with Coherent Networks, Inc. (Syracuse, NY) to address one of the key challenges surrounding the rapid deployment of operations support systems in the energy industry – data quality and management.

In the increasingly competitive energy marketplace, companies need to improve operational efficiency and customer response in order to retain valuable market share. Through this partnership, M3i will combine its Real-time Operations Management Systems (ROMS) with Coherent Networks� newly introduced FastGate solution to quickly maximize operational support system reliability and performance by tackling the complexity of data integration, reconciliation and maintenance.

�Coherent Networks is a proven leader in data management for the energy industry, with a satisfied client list that includes some of the largest utilities in the U.S.,� says Daniel Ripchensky, Vice President, Global Alliance Development at M3i. �Through this partnership, we are combining Coherent Networks� advanced technologies and industry experience with our mission critical ROMS solutions to offer customers unmatched performance and value.�

�Our customers� data management requirements are becoming more complex and critical as they struggle to compete in a highly turbulent market, and we are constantly evolving our solutions to meet those demands,� said Mark Brule, Chief Technology Officer at Coherent Networks. �This partnership enables us to join forces with another industry leader to take energy companies swiftly and painlessly through the arduous data capture, integration, maintenance and validation processes.�

With an unprecedented number of energy providers recently involved in consolidation, the merged organizations are faced with the challenge of managing enormous volumes of data from disparate sources, which must be validated and tightly integrated to properly support ROMS. Add to this the multifaceted issues surrounding electric facility data, and there is a recipe for a data disaster. Companies need solutions that will enable them to integrate, validate, enhance and maintain data, and enable rapid, easy access to this strategic information to facilitate business decisions.

Coherent Networks� next generation gateway environment �FastGate- will work in conjunction with M3i�s Connectivity Value Pack to provide customers with faster ROMS deployment and enhanced performance. Designed around industry-standard platforms, M3i�s software products are built on an open client/server architecture that facilitates integration with a customer’s existing and future systems. M3i has a proven track record of providing solutions that enable customers to increase their operational efficiency and improve customer service.

About Coherent Networks

Founded in 1995, Coherent Networks, Inc. delivers next generation gateway solutions �FastGate- to utility and telecommunications customers that rely on high quality data for the operation of mission critical business systems. The Company uses advanced gateway technology to rapidly launch Operations Support Systems and can deploy required services to further reduce system deployment costs and enhance overall data quality. Coherent Networks� solutions maximize operational support system reliability and performance to increase customer service and decrease operating costs. Coherent Networks also provides products and associated services to help Operations Support System providers improve the performance of their existing systems and deliver new applications. For more information, call 315-433-1010 or visit

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