Independent transmission and generation kicks off

Las Vegas-based company Composite Power Corporation has launched two major power generation and transmission projects.

In the first project, Composite will develop four 500 MW coal fired merchant power plants in Bear Creek Montana and then transmit the electricity over an 850-mile high voltage transmission line to Wisconsin. Composite will build, own and operate the transmission link.

In the second project, Composite will develop a DC transmission link running from The Dalles, Oregon to Las Vegas. This line will deliver power produced from renewable sources in Nevada, Washington and Oregon. The power will come from a pumped storage plant in Southern Oregon, solar facilities in Death Valley, Nevada, and a 250 MW wind farm in Washington.

The Dalles to Las Vegas line, like the Wisconsin-Montana connector, will be one of the first privately owned transmission lines in the US. The Dalles-Las Vegas link uses an existing right-of-way.