CERRITOS, Calif., April 9, 2002 — IMPCO Technologies, Inc. announced today that IMPCO’s Engine Systems Division has begun to supply fully dressed engine packages to Coleman Powermate, a manufacturer of efficient and quiet residential, small business and professional grade electrical power generation units.

In the United States and other developing countries, non-utility auxiliary power generation is seen as effective source to provide uninterruptible power and back up reserve power for homes and businesses in case of a brownout or blackout. The global non-utility power generation market is estimated to be $US16 billion by 2005.

Roger Burrows, Director of Sales for the Engine Systems Division, said, “We are very pleased and excited to have been selected by Coleman Powermate to supply fully dressed engine packages. The Engine Systems Division has worked long and hard to develop a unique level of customer services and value-added content few others can match.”

The need for reliable power generation is widespread and growing, according to Burrows, particularly in rural farm areas of our country where weather conditions can become very severe and unpredictable, and where the grid network may not be well established.

Industrialized nations, including North America, are seeing tremendous demand for reciprocating engine based non-utility power generation, and in particular with indigenous fuels such as natural gas and propane as their main, clean-burning fuel source.

IMPCO designed a new fuel delivery system and option kit for the 4.3L engine, enabling units like the Powermate generator to meet the ultra low emission requirements of California’s Air Quality Management Districts (AQMD) permit operation of stationary emergency power units.

“Many small businesses simply can not afford to lose customers and revenue when a power outage brings their operations to a screeching halt for several hours,” remarked McCormick, Vice President and General Manager of Coleman Powermate.

McCormick added, “When we started the Industrial Division, we formed it with an eye on the residential and small business market segments. We have already noticed a lot of excitement, interest and order for these products. IMPCO has done a tremendous job for us in terms of engineering the package, delivery and the certification to ultra low emissions.”

Coleman Powermate headquartered in Aurora, IL manufactures portable and electric generators, pressure washers and air compressors. The company has been manufacturing equipment in the heartland of the U.S.A. for over 35 years with facilities in Nebraska and Minnesota.