Equipment Roundup

Gas analyzer plays a fine tune

Spain’s largest coal fired power station was the home for a year-long trial of a gas analyzer that enables the combustion process to be continuously finetuned. Owned by Endesa, the As Pontes plant located in the province of A Coruàƒ±a saw significant improvements in efficiency after installing the Servomex product and it has since placed an order for four of the analyzers.

The Servomex 2700 series allows the excess of oxygen to be kept to a minimum, so while it reaches the excess quantity required to achieve complete combustion, it does not lose any of its combustion efficiency due to an increased loss of heat to the atmosphere. Also, as there is less oxygen available to combine with nitrogen and sulphur dioxide, there are lower NOx and SO3 emissions.

Before Endesa purchased four of the gas analyzers, the Servomex 2700 had a year long trial at Spain’s largest coal fired power station, As Pontes.
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Endesa was previously monitoring the level of oxygen in the post combustion gases, but found that this did not give as accurate a picture as measuring oxygen and combustibles together at a single point.

Whereas the oxygen level was previously measured at 3.8 per cent, using the Servomex analyzer has enabled this figure to be reduced to 2.7 per cent, with a corresponding reduction in carbon monoxide emissions and an increase in combustion efficiency and therefore profitability. With the oxygen levels of a typical application of this type, a fuel saving of about 0.75 per cent can be expected.

The Servomex analyzer uses two different technologies within its 2700 sensor head. Oxygen is measured using a zirconium oxide sensor, giving high accuracy and a fast response; carbon monoxide levels are monitored using a thick film calorimeter that gives a precision of +/-25ppm.

Software gives the green light

The government of Canada has developed a decision support tool, with the contribution of numerous experts from government, industry and academia.

The RETScreen International Clean Energy Project Analysis Software, provided free of charge, can be used worldwide to evaluate the energy production, life-cycle costs and greenhouse gas emission reductions for various different types of energy efficient and renewable energy technologies (RETs).

In addition to the software, the tool includes product, cost and international weather databases; an online manual; a case study based college/university-level training course and electronic textbook.

The RETScreen software has more than 49 200 users in 202 countries.

First aid for burners

A new burner diagnostic system has been launched that provides real time analysis for each burner, identifies poorly performing burners, and provides a root cause diagnosis to help guide adjustments.

Known as the Flame Doctor, the system was sponsored by the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) and developed jointly by Babcock and Wilcox Company (B&W) and Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

A typical installation analyzes individual burner performance for optimum combustion
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The decade of research behind its development has enabled B&W to create a product that improves boiler efficiency, provides better distribution of combustion air, and offers improved control of CO and NOx emissions.

The system features an intuitive user interface, straightforward installation, and the ability to communicate to other boiler operating systems. It is available as a permanent installation or as a tuning service.

EI uses AI for control

Electro Industries (EI) has developed a new energy management software suite designed for analyzing and controlling electrical power usage and power quality for electrical power distribution systems that uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

The suite, Energy Manager EXT, has applications that allow customers to view real-time data and analyze power quality through the internet using EI branded power monitoring nodes. This system enables advanced real-time analysis, automated downloading, advanced power quality and system reliability tools. The system can analyze power quality using artificial intelligence technology and provide reports of causes of power quality problems and suggest solutions.

Energy Manager EXT exists to ensure that facility managers and electrical distribution engineers stay on top of managing their power system reliability. The equipment’s ability to allocate costs in advance allows users to generate automated energy bills and allocate usage costs over differing departments.

Company CEO, Erran W. Kagan, said of the product: “We are confident our superior technology will enable customers to take full advantage of the advances in metering technology.”

Titan power package

Solar Turbines Incorporated has launched the Titan 130 Mobile Power Unit for those with a demand for peaking power.

The Titan 130 is a trailer-mounted system that is transportable by road, making it easy to install and relocate. It is targeted toward rental fleets and utility equipment pools. The compact footprint minimizes the space requirements at substations or commercial/industrial facilities. It comes as standard with low emissions and dry low NOx combustion system technology, making it relatively environmentally friendly and straightforward to complete the permitting process.

At its core is the recently uprated 14.9 MW Titan 130 industrial gas turbine, which has over 130 units around the world, providing power for cogeneration, base load, distributed and standby applications.

The mobile Titan can be online in six minutes from a cold start. A dual fuel combustion system provides the flexibility of operating on either natural gas or diesel fuel. It features a range of control system options for remote operation and SCADA integration as well as KVAR control for reactive power capability. Solar also offers a range of product support programmes.

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