Energy America applies to export power to Canada

3 July 2002 – Energy America, a unit of UK-based utility Centrica PLC has made an application to the US Department of Energy (DOE) for permission to export electricity to Canada.

The DOE in Tuesday’s Federal Register published details of the application, which is open to public comment on the proposal through to August 1.

To ensure American power supplies will not be impaired the US government must approve exports of electricity from the United States to a foreign country.

The company proposes to transmit power to Canada that is purchased from other electric utilities and power suppliers within the US.

Energy America plans to transmit the electricity over facilities owned by 15 utilities and power co-operatives, including the Bonneville Power Administration, Citizens Communications Co.’s Citizen Utilities unit, National Grid Group’s Niagara Mohawk Power Corp., and Xcel Energy’s Northern States Power.

Energy America is the largest unregulated energy wholesaler in North America. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Centrica plc, a leading supplier of energy and home services to British consumers under the British Gas and Scottish Gas brands.

A sister company, Direct Energy Marketing Limited, is Canada’s largest unregulated energy wholesaler.

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