Canada’s ENBALA Power Networks has successfully completed an alternative technologies trial with Ontario’s Independent Electric System Operator (IESO) for its technology to develop a network of large demand-side assets.

ENBALA said electricity system operators could be assisted in making the grid more robust by regulation services – which help balance supply and demand on a second-by-second basis across the province – through demand-side assets.

“Providing grid balance by harnessing the flexibility of demand-side assets helps the EISO maintain the reliability of the electric system and it creates a new revenue source for the asset owners,” said Ron Dizy, president and CEO of ENBALA.

During the trial, EISO was looking for innovative technologies that would allow consumers to provide regulating services, which are typically provided by generators.

Bruce Campbell, vice-president for Resource Integration at EISO, said EISO is searching for ways to integrate non-generation alternative technologies as potential providers of regulation service to the grid.

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