Kansas City, MO, April 3, 2001 — Black & Veatch announced today they have combined forces with NeuCo, Inc. to create an integrated real-time performance monitoring, cost tracking and optimization solution.

This business agreement integrates Black & Veatch’s IT solutions for the electric power generation industry into NeuCo’s ProcessLink software architecture. The companies will combine the intellectual property in Black and Veatch’s Online Performance Monitoring (OPM) and Power Plant Desktop (PPD) products with NeuCo’s advanced optimization technology.

“The integration of our OPM and PPD technologies with NeuCo’s ProcessLink platform will enable our customers to gain substantial additional value from performance and cost monitoring through its integration into real-time optimization,” said Kim Mastalio, President of Black & Veatch’s Energy Services Division.

“As a result, ProcessLink serves as the ideal IT foundation for operating plants more effectively within a distributed portfolio of generating assets facing constantly-changing market conditions.”

“NeuCo is pleased that Black & Veatch has recognized the strength of ProcessLink’s technology. We’re excited to be teaming with them,” said NeuCo President Curt Lefebvre. “When you combine Black & Veatch’s knowledge of the problems faced by electric generation companies with NeuCo’s knowledge of advanced modeling and optimization solutions, we have a very powerful, business optimization solution never before offered within this industry.”

Black & Veatch became acquainted with NeuCo’s technology as it assisted clients in comprehensive evaluations of boiler optimization technology. Black & Veatch recognized ProcessLink’s superior fit for addressing larger, more complex optimization issues as it searched for scalable, best-of-class solutions for “linking generation to energy trading” that had also proven successful in addressing fundamental plant optimization issues.

Black & Veatch has since decided to adopt ProcessLink as its underlying development platform because of the break-through features of its architecture that enable otherwise independent optimization processes to work together and solve larger, more complex problems.

About Black & Veatch
Black & Veatch is a global engineering and construction firm specializing in the fields of energy, water, and information technology. Black & Veatch provides complete engineering, procurement, construction, architectural, financial, and management consulting services for utilities, industry, and government agencies.

Headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, the employee-owned company has more than 90 offices worldwide. Black & Veatch is ranked 63rd on the Forbes “500 Top Private Companies in the U.S.” listing for 2000. The company’s website address is www.bv.com. Black & Veatch’s Energy Services Division offers a wide variety of consulting and engineering services spanning portfolio management, asset management, and environmental issues. Black & Veatch has also offered solutions for power plant performance monitoring, real-time analysis, fuel management, and fuel supply optimization for over 15 years.

About NeuCo, Inc.
NeuCo, Inc., helps power producers improve profitability and market position through optimized asset performance. NeuCo provides an information technology platform that integrates plant performance information with business operations and market information, providing a common decision infrastructure. As a result power producers can have full knowledge of decision impacts and trade-offs at every level across the enterprise and take actions that lead to greater profitability.

The company is jointly owned by Charles River Associates (Nasdaq: CRAI), Nstar’s (NYSE: NST) Advanced Energy Systems, Babcock-Borsig Power GmbH, and employees. Advanced Energy Systems is the owner of advanced on-site energy facilities that deliver electricity, chilled water, and steam to firms with mission-critical energy needs.

Babcock-Borsig Power is also working with NeuCo to integrate its current boiler solutions within ProcessLink and to bring advanced optimization to international markets. Babcock-Borsig Power is one of the largest electric power equipment and engineering companies in the world, providing comprehensive fuel delivery, combustion, steam, turbine, and emissions-mitigation solutions.