ABB Ltd. (ABB) received a power solution supply contract worth $90m from the American Transmission Co. (ATC). The solutions from ABB will control the flow of power and will develop grid stability in the State of Michigan, US.

HVDC Light (high-voltage direct current) technology is a low-loss and environmental friendly technique of ABB. The technique will control the Power flow between the Upper and Lower Peninsulas of Michigan.

The dynamic voltage support of the HVDC Light tech will increase regional grid reliability and will also help in the integration of additional wind generation.  The link is expected to start its operation in mid-2014.

ABB Ltd.’s scope of work also involves design, supply and installation of a 200 MW back-to-back HVDC Light station in Upper Michigan.

The converter operates like a STATCOM (static synchronous compensator) regulating device when maintenance work is going on or any other case in which one of the converters is not working, thus maintaining the continuity of dynamic voltage support to the network.

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