Webcast recording: How to Adapt your Industrial Control Systems for 2021

60 Minute Session

Increased remote working, accelerated retirement of experienced workforces, pressure on getting more out of existing equipment safely… these challenges are all influencing industrial operation decisions as we head into 2021. When it comes to control systems, how should you be adapting?

Power Engineering International and Nexus Controls, a Baker Hughes business, explore how all these changes are impacting the future of control systems. Drawing from decades of control systems experience and real-time discussions with customers, Nexus Controls and PEI discuss:

  • How real customer challenges are informing future development of various control systems technologies (including turbine controls, distributed controls systems, balance of plants, compressor controls etc)
  • Potential shifts in use cases for existing control systems… getting more out of what is already there
  • Revised evaluation criteria if you are planning to upgrade or choose a new control system
  • Options to ensure your workforce is up to speed and ready to leverage the full capabilities of your systems

Who should listen?

  • Forward-thinking Operators, Plant Managers and Owners
  • Engineers curious about the latest technologies
  • Technical staff looking to learn about new solutions

Moderator: Claire Volkwyn, Editor, Smart Energy International


Stefan Maier, Director Product Management | Nexus Controls
Nate Martin, Sr. Product Line Manager ” Nexus OnCore | Nexus Controls

Want to know more? Stefan Maier, Director of Product Management, Nexus Controls, and Nate Martin, Senior Product Manager, give us a glimpse into the future of control systems in an age where remote working is the new normal.
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