1st combined-cycle plant planned for Kazakhstan

A Turkish-German consortium under the leadership of the Power Generation Group of Siemens AG is to build Kazakhstan`s first combined-cycle power plant in the Aktyubinsk region in the western part of the country. The state-owned utility, Kazakhstanenergo, Almaty, will purchase the 954-MW plant.

The plant will be financed through revenue from three oil fields in the region. German consortium partners in the turnkey plant are Babcock Lentjes Kraftwerkstechnik Gmbh, Oberhausen, Balcke-Durr AG and Ratingen. Siemens will supply four gas turbines, two steam turbines, six generators, and instrumentation and control equipment. Heat-recovery steam generators and mechanical systems will be provided by Babcock and Balcke-Durr. The Turkish-American United BMB Group, based in Ankara, New Jersey, will be responsible for erection and civil works.

The plant, which will run on Kazakh natural gas, will have two units, each equipped with two gas and one steam turbine. It will go on line in stages by 1998 and will contribute to the independence of Kazakhstan`s power supply and to further development of the oil and gas industry there.

Kazakhstan covers 2.7 million square kilometers and is the second largest of the successor states of the USSR, with a population of 17 million. It is a leading exporter of coal and crude oil, but imports approximately 20 percent of its electricity.