The Zimbabwe Power Company (ZPC), a subsidiary of Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority, has warned of worsening blackouts as it struggles to meet demand because of degrading infrastructure and sub-economic tariffs.

Richard Maasdorp, chairman of ZPC, said load shedding would “remain a way of life until we expand generation at Hwange and Kariba.”

Current total capacity in Zimbabwe stands at around 1400 MW against a national demand of 2200 MW.

Maasdorp said new investment and private sector funding into generation capacity would not be forthcoming while the tariff remains sub-economic and in the absence of a long-term tariff formula.

He added: “With no increase in the tariff for 28 months, ZPC has had to slow down its efforts to optimize power from existing power stations, and efforts to raise capital for new capacity have been thwarted. ZPC has had to cut back on maintenance, and this is not sustainable.”

Zimbabwe has been experiencing rolling power cuts for the last decade, and Maasdorp warned that the situation will only deteriorate.

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