Zimbabwe approves 13 power plant projects

The Zimbabwe Electric Supply Authority (ZESA) has formally licensed 13 independent power producers (IIPs) to proceed with a combined capacity of 4546 MW, scheduled to be operational by the end of 2015.

Of the 13 IPPs, four of the smaller ones are already operational with a combined capacity of 83 MW.

Peter Mufunda, administrator of the Zimbabwe Electricity Regulatory Commission, said the licensing was expected to reduce the load on ZESA. A recent increase in electricity tariffs would prompt some companies to speed up their projects as Zimbabwe moves to raise electricity production, he added.

The proposed Sengwa Power Station is expected to have a capacity of 2400 MW and is scheduled to operate by 2015. Lusulu Power Plant, to the north of Sengwa in Binga, will have a capacity of 2000 MW, and is scheduled to be complete by 2013.

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