Turkey plans power plant transfer

Working to meet Turkey`s demand for energy, the Ministry of Energy and Re-sources has announced that the operating rights of 12 thermal power plants will be transferred for 20 years. The ministry has been collecting offers for the plants, many of which are operating profitably at only 40 percent capacity, so it is speculated the plants could be highly profitable when run more efficiently in the private sector. The ministry expects to raise (US)$1.66 billion from the transfers. Ten of the plants are coal-fired and two are natural gas fired, with a total installed capacity of 6,723 MW. The individual plant names and their capacities are: Yenikoy, 420 MW; Kemerkoy, 630 MW; Soma B, 990 MW; Orhaneli, 210 MW; Yatagan, 630 MW; Soma A, 44 MW; Kangal, 300 MW; Catalagzi B, 300; Tuncbilek, 429 MW; Cayirhan, 300 MW; Hamatiabad, 1,120 MW gas-fired; and Ambarli, 1,350 MW gas-fired. Operating rights for the lignite-fired plants include transfer of relevant minefields.