Turkey plans power growth

Turkey has announced plans to spend (US)$715 million on electric power projects this year, and energy officials are working to revive plans for the country`s first nuclear power plant.

Demand for electric power is escalating at more than 8 percent annually in Turkey and projected to reach 94 million MWh by the end of 1996. Much of the government`s spending allotment will go to electricity generation, with about one-fourth earmarked for transmission needs and miscellaneous equipment. Capacity stood at 20,951 MW at the close of 1995, and the government hopes to increase capacity to 21,217 MW by the end of 1996.

Government estimates project power generation demand of 130 million MWh by 2000 and 271 million MWh by 2010. The proposed nuclear plant is a subject of much debate amongst Turkish political leaders, scientists, environmental activists and area residents. A consulting firm is currently researching a prospective site for the controversial plant.