South Africa aims to limit carbon emissions by top polluters, who could be fined if they fail to conform with new regulations, says a climate policy paper.

Limits, to be set up within the next two years, would focus on key sectors such as electricity, fuels, and the mining and transport industries, Peter Lukey, acting deputy director general at the Department of Environmental Affairs told Reuters.

“It’s like a speeding fine – if you go over the speed limit, you get caught, you get busted and fined,” he said.

Targeted companies and sectors will need to submit plans on how they plan to tackle emissions.

South Africa plans to cut emissions by 34 per cent and 42 per cent below its ‘business as usual’ trend by 2020 and 2025, respectively.

But cutting CO2 emissions could conflict with South Africa’s economic and social objectives. Top polluters include major employers while the power sector, which relies heavily on coal, lacks funds for new projects.

The country has already introduced an electricity generation levy, a motor vehicle emissions tax, and a levy on incandescent light bulbs.

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