The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) has called on Siemens to extend its involvement in Nigeria from EPC contracts in power generation and distribution to building and owning power plants in the country.

Sam Amadi, chairman of NERC, said that Nigeria needed the collaboration of multinational companies like Siemens to overcome its power supply shortage. “We are looking forward to see Siemens obtain a licence to operate not just as an EPC handling company, but to build and own a power plant in Nigeria,” he said.

Amadi told a delegation from Siemens that NERC has concluded work on the regulatory framework and licensing procedure for renewable energy, which could offer investment opportunities.

Sophia Armauski, head of the Siemens delegation, said: “We are looking forward to new opportunities. That is why we are here.”

Siemens is currently involved in the construction of the Afam, Geregu I and Geregu II power plants.

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