The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Electricity and Cogeneration Regulatory Authority (ECRA) is attempting to crackdown on non-paying customers by issuing new rules.

These rules include:

  • Power to be disconnected 30 days after the Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) issues a warning;
  • SEC will send a disconnect warning if a bill accumulates over SR400 ($) or has not been paid within six months;
  • and SEC will be required to re-connect the service within three hours of the outstanding dues being cleared.

According to the regulations under consideration, state holidays will not be counted in the 30-day warning period. A final warning will be issued 14 days before the date of disconnection. Disconnections will not take place during school exam periods, if the resident is disabled, or if there is a billing dispute.

In addition, SEC has the right to stop supply if a consumer tampers with meters.

The new regulations state that all government offices, including the ministries, which fail to settle their bills, may also be disconnected.

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