Iran to launch oil/energy industry news agency

31 July 2002 – Iran’s exclusive oil and energy news agency Shana will begin operations in the near future, according to Oil Ministry’s Public Relations Department.

Director General of the ministry’s Public Relations Department Akbar Nematollahi said on Tuesday that the news agency is being established with the aim of transforming the oil industry’s information dissemination system.

Nematollahi said the innovative move has been taken in view of the undeniable importance of energy in the future world. He said restricted data dissemination today – as public relations presented in the past – is not helpful and it is necessary to transfer news on various subjects professionally and in a specialized and targeted manner.

He added that Shana aims to cover all the news related to oil and energy, global oil and energy markets, OPEC, and relay visual news as well as do research on important oil and energy issues and conduct opinion polls.

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