US technology giant IBM has selected 33 cities worldwide to receive a $2m grant and access to IBM research to further Smart Grid initiatives.

The $50bn, three-year Smarter Cities Challenge was launched last year and 24 locations were then chosen for the first phase of funding. More will be picked in 2013.

The year’s chosen cities include eight from the US, two Canadian, two Indian, and Accra in Ghana, Nairobi in Kenya, Da Nang in Vietnam, New Taipai in Taiwan, and Rabat in Morocco.

Stanley Litow, IBM’s vice president of corporate affairs, said the cities “are all different, but they have one clear similarity: the strong personal commitment by the city’s leadership to put in place the changes needed to help the city make smarter decisions”.

“These cities demonstrated a desire to set an example for other municipalities, an eagerness to collaborate with multiple stakeholders, and a strong commitment to consider implementing recommendations the city felt would be the most feasible and beneficial to their residents.”

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