Remote solutions target African market

Cummins Power Generation has developed a series of self-contained expandable power stations based on its diesel genset technology that allows users easy access to power.

Each power station is a standalone 5 MW building block complete with individual fuel storage and transfer systems, ready for rapid deployment. These mini power stations are flexible and can accommodate any additional power demand just by adding further 5 MW blocks.

The individual power stations are delivered in containerized units and can be up and running in a matter of days.

The 5 MW units are based on Cummins’ KTA 50 G3 diesel engine
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In a paper delivered to the African Energy Forum, Cummins Power Generation vice president Tony Satterthwaite outlined the company’s plans to launch the new range to help boost Africa’s distributed energy development.

Satterthwaite said: “Cummins believes that it can play a pivotal role in Africa’s development. We are introducing a new 5 MW mobile power station that is modular and scaleable”.

The power to choose

Based on its Dual-Fuel Technology for trucking applications, Clean Air Partners (CAP) now offers the same benefits for diesel generators. Dual-Fuel equipped genset engines can operate on both natural gas and diesel fuel, with advantages including low nitrous oxide (NOx) and particulate emissions, low first cost, and reduced fuel costs. Redundancy is provided by seamless transition to diesel fuel when needed.

Steve Hall, CAP’s general manager of power systems said: “This technology allows us to obtain low emissions levels without after-treatment. In many emissions zones, CAP can retrofit a standby diesel genset and run it as a peak shaver for five times longer than it would be allowed to run as a diesel-only standby unit.”

The concept of dual fuel engines for power generation is fairly simple. For example, rather than using a spark plug ignition source, dual fuel-equipped Caterpillar 3516 engines incorporate diesel pilot injection for compression ignition.

Converting an existing engine to CAP’s electronically controlled, fuel injection system requires only minor and non-invasive external changes to the electronic diesel engine. If necessary, conversion back to straight diesel is relatively simple as well.

CAP points out that the conversion can change stationary standby systems into peak shavers, making them valuable assets when electricity prices spike. CAP offers new and used dual-fuel gensets as well as on-site conversions of existing diesel systems.

Olympian launch

Finning Power Systems has launched the new Olympian GEH250 and GEH275 genset. This brings an extension to the Caterpillar manufactured Olympian brand from 7.5 kVA to 275 kVA.

The Olympian range is available from basic key start to fully automatic, synchronizing peak lopping control. Rated at 250 kVA and 275 kVA respectively, these three phase 50 Hz models are available in open and canopied formats with sound attenuated canopies complying with the European Sound Directive.

The Olympian range is ideal for prime power applications
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Finning supplies customer focused power solutions, via the complete range of Caterpillar and Olympian power generation equipment for diesel, natural gas, CHP, landfill gas and renewable energy applications.

Critical power for Royal Free Hospital

SDMO has teamed up with Rollo UK (a subsidiary of the Dutch supplier of MAN engines) to bid through international tender to supply backup power for the Royal Free Hospital in London, UK, for its critical services.

The SDMO genset is providing critical backup power
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Account had to be taken of the fact that the generators were to be set in the basement while the radiators had to be on the eighth floor. To minimize disruption, installation of the SDMO model XS 2000 kVA genset, took place over a weekend when a large crane could be sited in a nearby car park, with a roof mounted low noise radiator to assist in space saving.

Power at Wharf speed

Broadcrown is celebrating contracts to supply and install back up generators to two new buildings at Canary Wharf in London’s docklands. The company is to supply four of its BCP1845 units to the new Canary Wharf building, and also three model BCP2000 generators for the offices of a legal firm.

Each installation will have special plant room acoustics to meet stringent noise constraints, and will be equipped with advanced software control systems.

Wärtsilä supplies Pennsylvania plant

Wärtsilä is to supply a $17.3 million, 23 MW power plant, consisting of four 18V32DF dual-fuel engines, to the Borough of Chambersburg in Pennsylvania, USA, by the third quarter of 2003.

The peaking plant will help to control power supply costs
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The power plant, a peaking application designed to run on oil or gas, will secure for Chambersburg a reliable supply of electricity during periods of peak demand. The Orchard Park Generating Station, together with an existing 7.3 MW plant, will be used to control power supply costs. The Orchard Park plant is expected to operate up to 2500 hours per year.

The plant is a modular, pre-tested 1300 MW multi-fuel power unit designed to run parallel with the transmission grid when electricity demand is at its highest. The dual-fuel feature provides the flexibility to operate on either fuel oil or natural gas and therefore the ability to choose the more cost-effective alternative. The dual-fuel capability also increases the plant’s power generation reliability, so that power is delivered regardless of fuel source.