Generators finding gold in West Africa

Petbow Generators, UK, is supplying one dozen 2,000-kVA generating sets to build and run a large gold mining project in Mali, West Africa. Semos, a subsidiary of the Anglo American Corp. of South Africa Ltd., placed the order for 12 containerized and silenced Petbow 1,632-kW, 50-Hz generating sets powered by Dorman 16SETCA diesel engines coupled to Leroy medium voltage 6,600-V alternators. The sets will operate base loaded in temperatures up to 50 C for the next decade.

Each unit is self-sufficient with its own control system, fuel tank, exhaust system and twin radiator cooling. All 12 generators can be automatically synchronized to load share a centralized control system housed in a separate 12-meter container. The power station will provide electricity for the crushing plant, conveyor systems, milling plant, smelter, mine and all other large motor loads. It will also supply electricity to house up to 1,000 people.

Six generators are already on site, supplying 150 to 250 kVA for the base camp.