Four power plants to come on stream next year

Tehran Times (Tehran)

December 11, 2000

TEHRAN – The power plants in the Iranian cities of Arak, Kerman, Karkheh and Masjed Soleiman would become operational next year, said the Minister of Energy Habibollah Bitaraf here yesterday.

Bitaraf added that his ministry next year would allocate some Rls.4,850 billion for the generation of electricity and completion of the power plants that are currently under construction.

He also said that some Rls.3,000 billion would be earmarked next year for the electricity transfer plans.

“Nearly Rls.2,110 billion will be invested in the area of electricity distribution and rural electricity networks,” the minister of energy further noted.

According to the Third Five-Year Economic Development Plan, the financial resources for investment in the area of electricity generation depend on revenues obtained from electricity export and also the income earned by domestic power companies.

The minister further said that some 13,500 MW of electricity would be added to the country’s production capacity by the end of the Third Development Plan.

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