25-MW gas plant powweering Senegal

Within six months, Greenwich Turbine Inc. (GTi), a subsidiary of Greenwich Air Services of Miami, Fla., USA, completed a turnkey contract for a 25-MW gas turbine power plant in Senegal, Africa. Located outside of Dakar, Senegal`s capital city of 1.5 million people, the plant will provide supplementary power during peak periods and keep power levels up in critical sites if one of the city`s main generation units malfunctions.

Commissioned in late January, the plant is built from both new and remanufactured components to provide an efficient, cost-effective power source for Societe Nationale d`Electricite (Senelec). The project, valued at (US)$10.5 million, gives Senelec the quality of new equipment, with a (US)$5 million savings over the cost of all new equipment, according to GTi. The FT4C-3F generator and turbine, along with the transformer, were remanufactured at the Gas Turbine Corp., another Greenwich Air Services subsidiary in East Granby, Conn., USA.

All other equipment is new. A digital control system is installed to provide reliable operation.

“Logistically, this was one of the most unique and complex jobs we have ever undertaken. We had to quickly become familiar with the customs, laws, codes and restrictions of this French-speaking African nation,” said Larry Pitts, GTi senior director of engineering & construction. “Transportation was no small feat either when you`ve got 683,000 pounds of equipment encompassing 47,861 cubic feet to hoist and unload several times.”

Delivering the plant in pieces required 25 trucks plus a 150-ton trailer to haul the 160,000-pound generator, a 120-ton trailer for the 100,000-pound step-up transformer and a large lowboy trailer for the turbine enclosure, which also weighs 100,000 pounds. The components were loaded and unloaded by two 75-ton cranes, working in tandem.