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All news, projects, policy and regulation announcements concerning electricity generation in the Middle East and Africa power and energy sectors, with specific focus on Dubai, UAE, Israel, Iran, Egypt, Tanzania and Kenya. Tenders, power purchase agreements, renewable energy projects and energy auctions will also be included in this section.

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Global corporate funding for solar energy declines by 25%

Investments in solar energy projects by corporates reached $4,5 billion during the first half of 2020, according to Mercom Capital Group.

Three key ways to accelerate the retirement of coal energy plants

A new report highlights the three key approaches to help global governments and utilities to ensure early retirement of coal energy generation.

MENA commits to renewable energy despite facing new challenges

While the supply chain for projects has been disrupted, and the commercial model for privately financed power plants has been upset, the region remains committed to diversifying its energy mix.
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Uzbekistan issues tender for 100 MW wind project

In Uzbekistan, the Ministry of Energy has announced the launch of a tender for the development of a 100MW wind power plant.

A Day in the Life of an Engineer

To mark International Women in Engineering Day, stories from structural and geotechnical engineers at Rolton Group

Palestine secures electricity distribution from Israel in $775m deal

Palestine and Israel have signed up to a 15-year, $775m deal with the self-ruling Palestinian Authority to put electricity distribution for Palestinians in the West Bank under the control of the Palestinian government. The move also entails the building of four power plants.

$121m oil-fired power plant to be built in Guinea

Te Power has broken ground on a $121m oil-fired power plant in Conakry, Guinea, west Africa.

$121m oil-fired power plant to be built in Guinea

Te Power has broken ground on a $121m oil-fired power plant in Conakry, Guinea.

Women in Engineering series: Back to school

Working with education to develop more women engineers is vital for the energy industry.

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