Works on rivers to allow for Brazil energy privatization

BRAZIL, Sept. 18, 2000 (Global News) à‚– The Brazilian government is preparing the new privatization stage of the energy sector in a very classy way. This month nine governors will sign a political agreement to sell San Francisco-based power plants (Chesf) and the works on the Sàƒ£o Francisco and Sono Rivers.

This agreement was already negotiated with Brazilian President Fernando Cardoso and it states that part of the resources got from the privatization will be devoted to such works on the above mentioned rivers. The pact also decides that Sobradinho and Itaparica hydroelectric plants will not be proposed for privatization. It only remains unsolved the approval by Senate president Ant

Some water of the latter will be deviated onto the former. The problem is that there is still no basic engineering and environmental project for this work. The government’s desire is to privatize Chesf, Frunas Centrais Elétricas and Eletronorte next year. In the proposed budget for year 2001 privatizations (mainly in the energy sector) are expected to be worth R$11.3 billion.

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