Unit goes offline at Argentina’s Loma de la Lata thermal plant

At the Loma de la Lata thermal power station, located in the Argentinean province of Neuquen, its steam-powered unit has reportedly been taken out of service due to a technical hitch.

According to El Entrerrios, this unit has a capacity of 178 MW so having it offline does have a significant impact on the power station’s total output capacity.

In addition to the non-operating steam-powered unit, Loma de la Lata comprises three gas-fired turbines with a total capacity of 375 MW.

The problem may have been caused by an electrical storm, although OPI Santa Cruz reports that the owner Pampa Energia is blaming Spain’s Isolux Corsan for errors made in the construction of the unit.

Pampa Energia is currently examining the unit but did not indicate how long the unit would remain out of operation.

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