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Peru’s south experiencing serious supply-demand issues

The south of Peru is in desperate need of more electricity claims La Republica, citing the fact that since January there have been nine power cuts in several districts of Arequipa.

The newspaper report adds that without a properly functioning interconnected transmission system the area will continue to suffer serious supply problems.

However, Oscar Butron, president of the Committee of Economic Operation of the Interconnected System, denies that there is a lack of electricity, but rather the recent heavy rains caused damage to the network system.

According to Carlos Gordillo Andia, university lecturer, Mantaro-Socabaya, a single 200 kV line that transports power to the south, is overloaded, and urges the construction of a new high-voltage transmission network: Chilca (Lima) – Marcona (Ica) – Ocona (Arequipa) – Montalvo (Moquegua).

While, Victor Medina, an energy consultant at the World Bank, says Peru’s energy demand has doubled in ten years, which production increased only by 43 per cent, thus the country’s reserve margin has fallen from 1200 MW to 600 MW.

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