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Mexico climate change boss calls for carbon capture

Mexico’s state power company CFE must look to implement CO2 capture and storage from electricity generation if it aims to reach its 2020 emissions reductions target, said the climate change policy director-general of Semarnat, Mexico’s environment ministry.

“Because Mexico is an oil country, there are reservoirs where CO2 can be stored,” said Juan Mata.

“Pemex could utilise CO2 in place of nitrogen to increase pressure of the wells that are already somewhat exhausted and improve crude extraction.”

Mata highlighted the importance of placing new power plants nearby carbon sinks to minimise CO2 transport costs.

“That would allow Mexico to continue using clean fossil fuel base load electricity in combination with renewable energies and still comply with the country’s voluntary mitigation goals in the medium and long term,” he said.

Mexico has taken on the voluntary commitment to reduce emissions by 30 per cent by 2020 with respect to a business-as-usual baseline.

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