Fox urges Congress to back Mexican electricity reform

3 September 2002 – In a Mexican equivalent of the “state of the Union address”, President Vincente Fox has called on his country’s Congress to support his reform package including important deregulation of the electricity sector.

Mexico’s failed attempt at fiscal reform has left the country even more in need of the revenues that would flow from new investment in the electricity industry. But fear of job losses has meant a great deal of opposition to the proposals, which are being reintroduced by Fox having been thrown out by Congress.

Fox called for a more constructive relationship between government and opposition legislators:, “Our people expect more from democracy; they have shown themselves impatient with the lack of agreements and they expect democracy to produce a more effective state, social changes and more economic equality”.

Recent opinion polls show a rise in popularity for Fox whose approval rating now stands at 61 per cent however the majority of the population are still opposed to the electricity reforms.

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