First IPP in Honduras announces expansion

Electricidad de Cortes S. de R.L. de C.V. has announced plans to expand its 24-MW plant in Puerto Cortes, Honduras, to 60 MW. The expansion, made possible by investments from Scudder Latin American Trust for Independent Power and Illinova Generating Co. will upgrade the existing network and provide a much-needed capacity increase.

Power from the plant, which was the first independent power project in the country, will be purchased by members of the Honduran Electric Corporation S.A. and Empresa Nacional de Energia Electrica, the Honduran electric utility.

Stork W?rtsil? Diesel will supply six 18V38 diesel engines for the plant.

The Honduran government has turned to the private sector to help relieve chronic power shortage problems. Most of the country receives only 12 to 16 hours of electricity per day, due primarily to extended periods of low rainfall and the country?s dependence on hydro generation. The diesel technology is expected to provide a more balanced capacity for electric power supply.