The city council of Durango, in Mexico, has signed an agreement with ENER-G of the UK that will see it build its second biogas power generation facility in Mexico, utilizing waste from the Durango city landfill site.

 Working in partnership with its sister company Biogas Technology, ENER-G will design, finance, build and operate the GBP2.3m ($3.5m) facility.

It will capture the harmful methane gas emitted from 1,000,000 tonnes of waste and convert it into 1.5 MW of clean energy in its initial power generation stage.

According to ENER-G, this is sufficient to provide the municipal government with half of its street lighting for the city.

The facility is expected to begin power generation this summer and it will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 64,000 tonnes per year.

Currently, there are ten cities in Mexico where electricity is produced from biogas.

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