Brazil is to begin the roll out of a smart grid network after signing a deal with US technology company Echelon Corp.

Together with its Brazilian partner ELO Sistemas Eletronicos, Echelon will provide single phase, poly phase and current transformer meters to be deployed across the country.

ELO’s vice president of business development Marcos Rizzo said the Brazilian market was “not only very large, but it is also very forward thinking, as evidenced by its vision and leadership in modernizing the smart grid”.

With Brazil hosting football’s World Cup in 2014 and the Olympics two years later, the country’s president Dilma Rousseff is determined to drive a dramatic overhaul of the power infrastructure system.

Brazil is seen as the country with the greatest smart grid potential in Latin America, followed by Mexico. Last week a report by US consultants Northeast Group predicted that Mexico’s smart grid market would be worth $8.3bn by 2020.

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