Bolivian Power completes first thermal power plant

Bolivian Power Company Ltd. has announced completion of its first thermal electric generation plant, the only new generation facility constructed by the company in the last 20 years. Sited in El Alto, Bolivia, the plant will serve the increasing electricity demand of the city of La Paz and its surrounding metropolitan area. It was constructed in a four-month period at a cost of (US)$15 million.

“The plant opening is a milestone for Bolivian Power and also signifies a turning point for investment in the country as it is the company`s and the country`s first private investment in electric generation in 20 years,” said Lawrence S. Coben, Bolivian Power CEO.

With the addition of the 17-MW El Alto plant, Bolivia has an installed capacity of 151 MW. Bolivian Power is now constructing the 62-MW Zongo Valley expansion, to come on-line in increments starting in 1996.

The company is also conducting a feasibility study for the 230-MW Miguillas Valley. Bolivian Power operates 14 generating facilities.