Bolivia plans $18.5bn energy investment

ࢀ¨Planned energy investment under Bolivia’s 2016-20 economic and social development plan (PDES) has reached $18.5bn, according to reports.

The hydrocarbons and energy ministry made the announcement after President Evo Morales (pictured) signed the law that approved PDES, which envisions $12.7bn for hydrocarbons and $5.85bn for power.

The government aims to increase reserves of natural gas to 17.45 Tf3 and liquids to 411 Mb (proven natural gas and liquids reserves at the end of 2013 totaled 10.5 Tf3 and 211 Mb), and aims to increase gas and liquids production to 73 Mm3 per day and 69,000 barrels per day. à‚ 

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