ABB contracts at Barranquilla

ABB contracts at Barranquilla

A consortium led by ABB has received a contract from Termobarranquilla S.A. (TEBSA), Colombia, to build a 750-MW gas-fired, combined-cycle power plant at Barranquilla, Colombia. Installed value will be approximately (US)$430 million, with the ABB portion valued at more than (US)$260 million. Construction of the plant, which will be the largest independent power plant project in Latin America, is under way. It will begin delivering electricity in simple-cycle mode this spring with full operation in combined-cycle mode scheduled for the first block after 18 months of construction and the second block within 36 months.

The TEBSA project was developed by the consortium on a build, own, operate and maintain basis. Other partners in the consortium are: Energy Initiatives Inc., a USA-based subsidiary of General Public Utilities Corp., and Lancaster Distral Group, a Colombian-based engineering company.

Electricity from the plant will be sold to Corporacion Electrica da la Costa Atlantica, the local Colombian electrical utility, which will also be a part-owner of the plant.

The TEBSA project also includes rehabilitation and operation of an existing 230-MW gas-fired plant. ABB will supply five gas turbines and two steam turbines, arranged in two combined-cycle blocks, together with the associated heat-recovery steam generators, seven electrical generators, plant control system and the transmission and distribution equipment.

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