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All news, project updates, policy, legislation and reports concerning the electricity generation, and the power and energy sectors within continental Latin-America, focusing on renewable energy integration and use of fossil fuels within Chile, Braxil, Mexico, Uruguay and Peru. Tenders, energy auctions and power purchase agreement announcements will also be included in this section.

geothermal power

Geothermal potential largely untapped in Latin America says report

Latin America’s geothermal potential remains mostly untapped and with few exceptions progress has been sluggish, reports the Inter-American Development Bank.
hydrogen pproduction

Global hydrogen production market to hit $420bn by 2030

Research firm Frost & Sullivan predicts the global hydrogen production market will more than double by 2030 owing to sustainability goals sets by individual governments, regionally and globally.
Renewables need $800bn to hit 2050 climate goals says IRENA report

Renewables need $800bn to hit 2050 climate goals says report

Global investments in renewable energy need to be tripled to meet 2050 climate change goals set under the Paris Agreement.
‘Renewables immune to Covid’ says IEA chief Birol

‘Renewables immune to Covid’ says IEA chief Birol

“Renewables appear to be immune to Covid-19,” said Fatih Birol of the IEA as he revealed that clean energy had defied the pandemic downturn.
Siemens Energy chief executive Christian Bruch

Siemens Energy announces immediate exit from new coal projects

Siemens Energy today announced that it was withdrawing from all new coal projects.
Guiana Spaceport

Europe’s French Guiana Spaceport to transition to renewables

Solar PV and biomass have been selected as the renewables to ‘green’ Europe’s Spaceport at Kourou in French Guiana.

Iberdrola to accelerate energy transition with €75bn recovery plan

Spanish multinational energy company Iberdrola has announced a €75 billion economic recovery plan to be implemented over the next six years.
Ecuador research

Ecuador research to increase the lifespan of hydro generation units

Investigations will determine the elemental chemical composition and particle size of the sediments carried by the Pastaza River.

Highview Enlasa to develop utility-scale cryogenic energy storage in Latin America

Highview Power and Energía Latina SA (Enlasa) have formed a joint venture to advance cryogenic energy storage in Chile and elsewhere in Latin America.

First sugarcane byproduct biogas plant in operation in Brazil

The Bonfim biogas plant at Brazilian biofuel company Raizen’s sugarcane processing facility has been inaugurated.

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