WORCESTER, Mass., Jan. 11, 2001 (BUSINESS WIRE)— World Energy Exchange, Inc. (WEXCH), a provider of energy procurement solutions and value-added services to commercial, industrial, and government energy customers, today announced that it had surpassed a milestone figure for volume of energy transacted through its Internet-based procurement engine.

“We are extremely pleased with how quickly and efficiently our new hub has been implemented and accepted by the energy community,” said Richard Domaleski, president of World Energy Exchange.

By the end of November, WEXCH had over 285,000 megawatt-hours of energy under management, with over 70 suppliers registered to bid on the energy requirements posted on the site. Based on additional data gathered since the beginning of December, World Energy Exchange expects the value of the energy and energy-related products and services purchased through its hub to increase to more than $100 million by the end of 2001’s first quarter.

Domaleski noted his decision to use Excelergy Corporation’s web-based energy portal, EnergyMarketplace, as a key factor in the success of World Energy Exchange’s WEXCH.com transaction hub. “We looked at different partners, and Excelergy was the only company that had the technology, the experience and the commitment to customer service that fit our needs. They were extremely helpful in customizing a web portal to our specifications, and they executed against a very tight project time frame,” Domaleski added.

About Excelergy
Excelergy delivers complete software technology to utilities and retail energy companies operating in restructuring global energy markets. Excelergy’s innovative suite of EDI- and XML-enabled products includes the Excelergy ABP™ 3000 customer billing and information system, the Excelergy eXACT™ family of business-to-business transaction management solutions, and the web-based EnergyMarketplace energy portal. Headquartered in Lexington, MA, Excelergy has additional U.S. offices in Santa Monica, CA and Atlanta, GA. Its European headquarters are located in Bristol, England. More information is available at www.excelergy.com.

About World Energy Exchange
World Energy Exchange operates in the deregulating energy marketplace helping commercial/industrial and government energy consumers decrease their energy costs. World Energy Exchange is the only company that offers an end-to-end energy solution by combining an integrated suite of technologies, services, and information offerings that span the entire spectrum of energy processes—from procurement, to energy management and analysis.

Whether a company is simply looking for the most competitively priced energy contract, or wants an enterprise wide energy management solution, World Energy Exchange is the place to start. More information about World Energy Exchange can be found at www.wexch.com.