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Wärtsilä NSD ships cogeneration units to Taiwan

Wärtsilä NSD ships cogeneration units to Taiwan

Wärtsilä NSD has just shipped a 30 MW Power Master baseload cogeneration power plant to Ta-Yuan Cogeneration Corporation (TYC) in Taiwan. TYC has an existing coal fired 38 MW power plant at the site in Tao Yuan, close to Taipei international airport. The plant is being installed to supply steam and electricity to energy users in the Ta-Yuan Industrial Park.

The new power plant will comprise of three Wärtsilä 12V46 engines, exhaust gas boilers and deNOx equipment for emission reduction.

The plant will produce up to 33 MW of electricity; the waste heat generated will be used to heat the feedwater to the existing power plant`s boiler/steam generator. In this way the total efficiency of the coal fired plant will be considerably increased.

The contract for the project was signed during March 1998. Supplementary contracts with TYC for: modifications to the engines to run on gas (dual-fuel); engine knock-down; packaging in Finland; transportation to Taiwan; assembly and commissioning on site were signed during March/April 1999.

Road conditions from the harbour in Keelung, Taiwan to the site in Tao Yuan are such that the engines had to be stripped down to reduce their weight and height for transportation. The engines will then be re-assembled on site.

The engines will initially run on heavy fuel oil and then at a later stage, on natural gas . It is forecast that natural gas will be available in a few years time (possibly 2001).

According to Wärtsilä NSD, the fact the engines will be modified to gas diesel engines so that they can then be run on both HFO and natural gas, was one of the key factors for this contract being awarded.

Its track record in Taiwan combined with the company`s existing relationship with Taiwan Cogeneration Corporation, who are part owners of TYC, was also very important.

In addition, the level of technical support provided by Wärtsilä NSD during both the technical and commercial negotiations were said to be crucial.

The key feature of the project is that the 3 x 12V46, 33 MW Power Master cogeneration plant will be totally integrated with the existing steam turbine plant.

In this arrangement, the waste heat derived from the exhaust gases of the three engines, the jacket cooling water and the lube oil is used to heat the feedwater to the steam turbine boiler.

The electrical efficiency of the new plant will be 43 per cent. This particular form of cogeneration, which is called feedwater combined cycle, will considerably increase the overall efficiency of the existing power plant. It is expected that the overall efficiency, including heat recovery, will be 70 per cent.

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