VA Tech Hydro wins contract with Lyse Produksjon

11 November 2002 – VA Tech Hydro has secured its first contract with Norwegian based Lyse Produksjon AS, Stavanger. to provide six new MicroGuss(MG) Pelton runners for the Lysefjorden plant, near Stavanger in Norway.

There is a significant reduction in maintenance costs with MG Pelton runners in comparison to standard cast runners. They are less affected by damage and have a longer life span.

All of the runners will be installed within fourteen months and the two initial runners within a year.

Christian Habegger, Chairman of the Board of VA Tech Hydro, said: “We won this contract after guaranteeing short delivery times and high efficiency at a competitive price. It reaffirms the effectiveness of the MG Pelton runners developed by VA Tech.”

The runners will boost the lifetime of the plant’s three existing double Pelton units and increase electricity output in the Stavanger area.

VA Tech Hydro said it hopes this could represent a long term relationship with Lyse Produksjon AS, who have an option for a further six runners to be installed on completion of the current contract.

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