Upgrade for Keadby 9F turbines

Scottish Hydro-Electric is to upgrade its Keadby power plant, the first combined cycle facility in the world to incorporate gas turbines with an output of more than 200 MW. Keadby Construction, a Scottish Hydro- Electric company, has awarded the contract to Kvaerner Energy.

The contract covers the upgrade of the gas turbines and improvements in the combustion system. The 700 MW plant near Scunthorpe in England features two General Electric 9F gas turbines. It was designed and built by Kvaerner Energy and was commissioned in 1995.

The gas turbines will be upgraded to 9FA technology, raising the output of each turbine from 216.5 MW to 233.5 MW at site conditions. No major modifications to the balance of plant will be made. Work on the turbines will be carried out sequentially with final completion in November 1998. GE International Inc. has been appointed as the main subcontractor.