The University of Westminster has been awarded a grant of £507,000 ($801,000) from the UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC) for a two-year project to support research into smart grids.

The project will also involve researchers from Brunel University, Cardiff University and the University of Essex.

“The project, in line with UKERC’s aims, will provide key strategic insights which will help steer the development and implementation of smart grids and understand and manage the relevant risks and barriers,” said Dr Nazmiye Ozkan, senior research fellow at Westminster University’s Policy Studies Institute.

“This project will bring new knowledge regarding UK energy system transitions, which will help to provide a more complete and accurate understanding of the implications for people and society, and provide valuable support for government decisions on UK policy.”

Jim Skea, research director of the UKERC, said: “Smart grids promise to transform the way all users of electricity systems interact with each other. This project will make an important contribution in terms of exploring the possibilities.”

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