UK Smart Grid projects get GBP57m funding

Six Smart Grid projects in the UK are to share GBP57m ($88m) in funding from energy regulator Ofgem.

The money comes from Ofgem’s Low Carbon Networks Fund and will help each scheme test new technology.

The largest share of the cash will be GBP22.8m which will go to a Smart Grid project in Bracknell, southern England, run by SSE Power Distribution. Other areas covered by the funding include the north west of England, St Andrews in Scotland and Wrexham in Wales.

Rachel Fletcher, Ofgem’s acting senior partner for Smarter Grids, said that the UK‘s electricity grids “need to undergo a revolution in how they are run so they can connect more renewable generators and a range of low carbon technologies such as ground source heat pumps”.

“There is a significant opportunity for companies to contain the cost of this transition by making better use of existing capacity and exploring the scope to use demand side response,” she added, and explained that the results of each project would be shared with all network companies

“The aim here is to ensure that the networks do not hold up the decarbonisation of our energy use, and that the cost of this transition is kept as low as possible for customers.”

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