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UK faces engineering skills crisis as talent goes overseas

Four out of five British engineers polled in a new survey say they are prepared to leave the UK and work overseas.

Remuneration was the biggest attraction for working overseas for 75 per cent of engineers questioned, while a more attractive lifestyle (53 per cent) and valuable work experience (48 per cent) were also significant drivers.

A third (29 per cent) of all survey respondents regarded Asia and the Middle East as the next global hotspots for engineering, while Africa and South America are also seen as key areas for growth.à‚ 

The survey was carried out by engineering recruitment company Roevin, and its managing director Mark Tully said that as British engineers are enticed into overseas roles, the UK skills deficit is worsening.

“International experience tends to put candidates into a different league compared to their ‘stay at home’ peers and really gives them an opportunity to stand out from the crowd. But whilst this is great for individuals, it is creating a challenging market for businesses and the UK faces a potentially serious skills shortage by 2014.”

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