Toshiba has announced that its Italian subsidiary, Ansaldo Transmissione & Distribuzione (Ansaldo T&D), has won a contract to supply a key element of a smart grid system to Rome-based ACEA Distribuzione.

Installation of the equipment will start in December 2011, and it is expected to be commissioned and online by the end of spring 2012.

The system to be supplied by Ansaldo T&D comprises a 10 kW PV power generation system; a 45 kWh SCiB, Toshiba’s rechargeable lithium-ion battery; chargers for electric vehicles; and the overall system monitoring and control unit.

Once installed at an ACEA substation in Rome, the system will provide an integrated solution for generation, storage and delivering electricity to charge electric vehicles. ACEA said that such charging stations will be an integral part of smart grids and the next-generation smart community concept for interactive power generation and distribution.

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