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The UKs first IDP pumps installed

The UK`s first IDP pumps installed

Ingersoll-Dresser Pumps (IDP) has successfully installed its first two WHX boiler feed pumps in the UK. The company, which has clients in 40 countries world-wide, installed the pumps at a new 340 MW combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) power station at Kings Lynn in Norfolk, England. The plant, owned/operated by Anglian Power Generators Ltd., a subsidiary of Eastern Generation, is achieving thermal efficiency levels of over 50 per cent, among the best in the country.

The pumps were manufactured at Coslada in Spain, and purchased for the project by Siemens Aktiengesellschaft Bereich Energieerzengung (KWU) based in Offenbach in Germany. Siemens had full responsibility for construction, supply and installation of equipment and commissioning of the power station.

The WXH pumps form a vital part of the combined cycle section of the Kings Lynn plant, where the gas turbine not only drives the generator, but the heat it produces is used in the combined cycle section of the plant. The heat is used to convert the water from the WXH pumps into steam, which generates additional power via the steam turbine. Water is taken from the pumps at two different pressure levels to maximize the production of steam and optimize the output from the steam turbine.

Both pumps are run as 100 per cent duty units, with one selected as the main pump and run for three weeks out of every four. This is intended to ensure that the second pump that is only run for one week out of four, will be available when the main pump reaches its change-out point.

In a separate development IDP has launched the WDX range of horizontal ring-section multi-stage pumps. Designed for use as a medium pressure boiler feed and condensate return pump for power generation, incineration and general industry, while serving as a medium/ high pressure pump for a range of industrial and OEM applications.

The extensive selection of materials includes six types of casing extending the application range to include brackish water, desalination, hydrocarbon transfer and chemical end product transfer.

At the heart of the WDX pump is the high-head-per-stage impeller combined with the precision balance drum. The compact design, together with high efficiency hydraulics provide premium performance with fewer pump stages, resulting in lower installation and operation costs.

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