Swiss mobile power solution to benefit construction industry

A new mobile power station system unveiled in Switzerland is offering independent electricity and compressed air supply to construction sites.

Premel SA, based in Bellinzona, Switzerland, has developed a new mobile power station system capable of providing construction sites with an independent supply of electrical power and compressed air. The systems are completely enclosed in six metre ISO containers and come equipped with a generator and a compressor from Atlas Copco.

Typical applications for the mobile power stations include tunnel construction sites and anywhere where a source of electricity or compressed air network is unavailable. This also includes refineries, and for this specific application the system can be equipped with a spark arrestor.
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The mobile power stations are equipped with a robust QAS 60 generator and a XAHS 237 mobile compressor from Atlas Copco. The generator provides a permanent output of 60 kilovolt-ampere (kVA). It works with a Perkins motor in the EU emissions category IIIA applicable for mobile work machines. The compressor is powered by a MTU motor in emissions category 4. Both Atlas Copco units are equipped with an active and a passive particle filter system.

According to the supplier, the generator can be overloaded by 300% for up to 20 seconds with no problems. This is a major advantage when starting up water pumps.

The compressor offers complete reliability, simple operation, low operating costs and a long service life. This makes the unit perfect for use in self-sufficient power supply stations. The special screw element of the compressor, produced in-house by Atlas Copco, guarantees a practically constant volume flow and enables high productivity and economic operation. To put as little strain as possible on the environment, it is powered by a high-performance diesel motor that meets emissions category IV. An electronic operations management system controls and monitors all key functions and operating states of the compressor.

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